Deep & Gentle Sole
Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage Therapy


Over the years I have experienced good massages and bad massages and have never felt as if my time or money spent was worthwhile. I would leave feeling like I had been beaten to a pulp or most times I wished they could have spent more time working on the soreness that had been discussed. Finally, I found Cynthia with Deep and Gentle Soles Massage Therapy and I found my perfect massage! I can relax as she uses her masterful techniques in Ashi Atsu massage to relieve me of my tensions and soreness. The massage is deep into the muscle without feeling pummeled and sore.

Cynthia pays special attention to her client's needs and is cautious about her patient's comfort, always communicating regarding pressure. She listens and is attentive to any soreness or pain.  She knows what she is doing and the end result is proof. Nothing like finishing a massage feeling like you are on top of the world! My body is relaxed and my mind is clear.

Thanks, Cynthia for your care and concern for my well being and for so good at what you do! I feel blessed!

Ginny in Florida

Cynthia, why did you have to leave the Phoenix Area? I have not found a massage therapist here that can compare with you since you left the area many years ago. I especially remember how when you heard I had Plantar Fascitis. It was at the beginning of your massage career and you researched it and applied it to me curing my problem. I have gone on to successfully run many Ultra-marathons since then.  It's clear that you genuinely care about your clients and continue to develop the knowledge and skills to deliver. I wish you were in my area but perhaps I'll see you again when I have the opportunity to be in Florida. I've enjoyed keeping in touch with your family.

Karsten in Arizona

I'm delighted to report after learning our wonderful neighbor Cynthia was a massage therapist we, (Kelley and myself) have had several massages from Cynthia. Both of us through the years have had numerous massages, some really good some not so much. But after receiving our first one from Cynthia we were both convinced it was and is the best yet. We are truly blessed to know her and her wonderful family plus the benefit of enlisting her talents when the rigors of everyday life become a little too painful for the aging body. Thanks Cynthia.

Rusty & Kelley in Florida

Cynthia is excellent. I have had over 300 massages and she is among the very best I have ever had. Her method gives firm pressure without pain. I go to her every time I'm in the area!

Paul in Massachusetts

Our family just enjoyed one of the best massages we have ever had. Cynthia applies the right pressure with her feet and we know that we were in "excellent hands and feet" with massage.  Can't wait to be back again for another one!

Priscilla in Massachusetts